sports rule if you don’t like sports tell me why

i used to be just like you once

  1. tumblklaat said: cuz zzzz
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    used to play em as a kid, never really got into watching them to me I guess sports are just like a show I don’t follow...
  3. cattylala said: i grew up being treated like i wasnt good enough by my dad because i didnt enjoy playing any sports he approved of and then got the “i wish i had a son instead” talk and it has made me just really not like certain sports. aka i have daddy issues
  4. jackalsalad said: there is no one to ship
  5. monstertraynor said: Sports do rule. But only if you’re playing them. I can’t stand watching football/soccer/tennis/basketball/anything because I used to play sports, and I’d rather be playing them then watching them :| It’s just so BORING to watch.
  6. amixedreality said: Because I have had the misfortune of being forced to play most of them and football is the reason I broke both my legs so I DON’T REALLY LIKE TEAM SPORTS THAT MUCH ANYMORE (except for the real football, that shit’s fun)
  7. oceanmaster said: i have only ever enjoyed volleyball, everything else is BORE TOWN
  8. macchabee said: Someone took me to a baseball game once and I fell asleep. Sports are boring.
  9. prince-warp said: sports are basically giant terrible fandoms
  10. queenston said: not entertaining to me is why. i also don’t like the batshit insane hubbub surrounding them which is nigh-impossible to avoid when getting the slightest bit involved
  11. orbitalblaze said: I only like hockey which is ironic because I live in the exact opposite of Canada; Florida
  12. axelkatten said: I’d rather play tennis than watch it on TV. Also I kinda resent the attention and money/resources lavished on pro players that society should probably be focusing elsewhere. Weird reasons, I know, but there they are.
  13. chibisokka said: its doesnt even make any sense for one. one team passes the ball to another. someone gets a score. and then at the end the judges distribute the points and whoever has the best colours wins. its bullshit
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